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Fabiana’s Change.How Group Psychotherapy Works

Bulletin of Australian Association of Group Psychotherapists. 18, 42-50

What innovations does Group Psychotherapy bring? What are its main therapeutic elements?
I will try to answer these questions by considering the story of Fabiana, a patient in one of my therapeutic groups

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Fabiana’s Dreams

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London and Philadelphia

Dreams signal the essential moments in the search for identity. In the story of Fabiana, a patient in one of my therapeutic groups, three dreams had particular importance. These dreams (actually two dreams and a “scenic representation”) showed the state of the self and the progress in her healing process (Pines, 1999). First of all, though, I want to present Fabiana

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The group’s emotional biography

British Journal of Psychotherapy, X, 1, pp. 383-391

A feature of group life, its biography, is described which derives from the history of the group and which gives a unique character to the life of the group in the present. This inheritance is important in the present functioning of the group and for the experience and development of its members

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